DJ 2rip

DJ 2rip

Location: Washington, DC
Lolli Profile:
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DJ 2rip is known for energetic performances as well as a level of showmanship that exceeds most dj's in the circuit. He has shared the stage with the world's greatest dj's and continues to make his mark through edgy, upfront music that infuses dancers with the energy to go until the last record plays out.

Within a decade of dj'ing, 2rip has managed production companies in three regions and sustained a nation-wide tour schedule, playing events like Spundae by TruNightlife and Buzz at Nation Nightclub. He also hosts The District Sound Session every Monday night at and continues to hold the most widely publicized show on the channel, reaching listeners in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Musically his sounds range from minimal to techno, banging progressive & electro. In more underground locations 2rip is prominently known as a breaks dj - playing hard, funky rhythms combined with the use of analog acid melodies. If asked to describe himself, 2rip would say "I am one of the most versatile dj’s I know because I like everything and don’t see dj’ing as segmented by genre or sound. My goal is to take a crowd on a journey that I compose while playing music that they want to hear."

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